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I will accept that variations in homologations may be treated differently to the original homologation.
The steps of homologation were the factory produce the 1000 quantity and then got homologation, this is a 'fact' and is backed up by Fusi's numbers.
31st July 1969 Alfa Factory claimed 1000 cars produced for FIA 1576 Group 2 Turismo.
Production figures 1750 GT Veloce as per Fusi, pages 843..
1967 qty 919
1968 qty 146
1969 qty 639 subtotal for 1967+ 68+ half 1969 = 919+146 + 320 = 1385 cars even more than 1000 cars the factory claimed!
You could use 1967 and 68 production figures and you had 1065 cars, still over 1000 cars.

This leaves
At the end of
1970 qty 518
1971 qty 1150
1972 qty 17
Total of 3389 cars
Back to the original document FIA 1576 Group 2
not a complete list of items
Variations 'V'
Date 1.1.70 2/1V : ZF steering box
Date 1.1.70 3/2V : Alloy doors and trunk, 100L fuel tank, brakes, motor, injection.
Date 1.4.70 5/3V : Plastic bumper bars
Date 1.10.70 6/4V : ?
Date 1.1.71 7/5V : Piston rods
Date 1.7.71 8/6V : Brake discs
Evolution 'E'
Date 1.1.70 1/1E : Wide bodied flairs
Date 1.4.70 4/2E : Tandem brakes

It's not clear if variation V or evolution E meant another 1000 cars or a total of 1000 cars with the features.

'ARGTAReg' Existence of homologated parts was not connected in any way to production version and you were obliged to buy and fix yourself desired part if you wanted it.
So what are you saying? If I wanted the seats as shown in the previous photo I have to what go and get them from Autodelta, I don't thinks so.

I am asking where are the documents you are using what do the words means 'variation' 'evolution' to get an idea of what happened.
I still think you could order a GTV 1750 with alloy doors and bootlid (and those nice seats!) from the factory, and drive out the show room floor.
With safety aspects of racing taking on more momentum in 1972, roll cages were required. The fibre glass doors were no longer allowed from 1.1.1972, by that time it did not matter for the GTV 1750 as it was over only 17 cars were made in 1972
Cheers Steve

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