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Originally Posted by PSk View Post
Front panel for a flat nose was not made by Alfa Romeo out of aluminum ... so you could not have done this with genuine panels (unless you somehow riveted the steel nose to the alloy guards. Unlike the almost hidden rivets of a GTA these would be very visible in front of the front wheels).
It's just a myth, likely created over a beer or 2 🙂
Good answer, as for an aluminum nose? you are right it would have trouble supporting it's self. May be that's why parts and were installed to help support the fenders near the fire wall, so they don't flex near the nose. But for the question about factory involvement on aluminum boot lid, doors and bonnet. Probably only yes for the aluminum doors and boot lid. Of course a full alloy group 6 car could have been built, as to if it was? who knows may be a myth, but then again may be not! One was put together here in Australia back in the 70's.

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