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Many cars on the road now have blindingly bright white headlights. In self defence I finally broke down, bought and installed a set of 'Sylvania silverstar ultra 9004 SU/2 NIP' off eBay for $24. I have not driven the car at night since they were installed but they both work. Apparently they have a reputation for not being long lasting headlight bulbs. Maybe they will only last 240 hours of use or something like that. When I remove the old Sylvania's, one had a date code of March 1996! Perhaps that explains why they seemed so dim...I saved the old bulbs just incase it needs a spare.

When changing the right front bulb, I noticed that the grey plastic had some evidence of discoloration. It looks like the female connector has been slightly overheated. Would this indicate a bad ground or a bad connection? When I had the engine and transmission out for its 130K service, all grounds were cleaned and a coating of dielectric grease or Vaseline was applied. Hopefully that will take care of any issue. It appears, or something else seems to have cured an issue with the radio antenna, which would consume a fuse each time it went up or down but now seems to work as designed.

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