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I canít find a clutch alignment tool for this. Is that because the clutch plate bolts can be accessed through the bottom removable plate? Just wiggle the tranny into position and tighten the bolts after?
The pressure plate to flywheel bolts are sort of accessible on a mechanical clutch car. But it would be easier to use an alignment tool. Centerline has them for $10; see:

Originally Posted by Jim G View Post
Chicago Rawhide now known as CR. Up through the 60's most engine seals where made from leather. The reason for the name is Chicago was were most of the livestock was processed so that would be the largest supplier of leather.
Interesting stuff! Thanks for that bit of history.

And all this time I just figured it was a company founded by a fan of a 70's mellow rock band and a 60's Clint Eastwood western series.

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