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Originally Posted by markgberry View Post
i was thinking a complete engine gasket kit to remedy all these oil leaks. does anything stick out as abnormal for these engines? the whole bottom of the engine was a slimy mess but i don't see any one place that caused the problem.
The airflow around the engine tends to distribute oil pretty thoroughly, so it's difficult to pinpoint the source of a leak. While you have the engine out, you could replace some gaskets, but you would be "shooting in the dark" to guess which ones were causing the leak(s).

There are six O rings that fit inside the head gasket to seal the oil passages that feed the cam bearings. Those O rings can fail, allowing oil to seep out the sides of the head gasket. Looking at your pictures, that area on the L side of your engine does look oily. But that could be oil from another source (cam cover gasket? "half moon" seals between cam cover and head?).

The front crankshaft seal is a likely source for oil leaks. The rear seal too. While gasketed joints don't tend to degrade with time, seals do wear out. If your front pulley has a groove where the seal rides, Chicago Rawhide (weird name, yes) sells sleeves to remedy that.

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