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Originally Posted by markgberry View Post
this is my first Alfa so i'm having to learn everything (things i didn't know i needed to learn). it's been interesting!

If you're open to more suggestions, I would recommend removing the exhaust headers and air box (or even the box + the carbs) from the engine before pulling it. And wouldn't re-install them until after it has been put back in.

Others will chime in that they have pulled engines that looked exactly like your picture (reproduced below). And I'm not disagreeing; just saying that it is easier, and will put fewer scratches in your underhood paint, if the engine has less stuff attached.

I would also remove the hood latch on the center/back of the firewall. That's in the "line of fire".

Be sure to use a lot of towels / blankets / cardboard on the firewall, radiator support and fenderwells to prevent scratching. This is most important on re-installation.

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