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Originally Posted by Ranz View Post
I'm really surprised you say the nose of your engine hoist is too short. Does the hoist nose not extend, or is it just that you can't get it close enough to the car coz the feet are hitting something? which case what's getting in the way? The Alfa isn't a loooong car, just low, so...
- Is it hitting the wheels? Put it on jackstands and take them off...
- Is it hitting the suspension bits or sump? Raise the car a bit....jackstands again.
I have previously approached a car with a hoist slightly askew, and things went ok, but not fully to the side.
yeah the boom is 50 inches long and the hydraulic cylinder that raises it touches the nose of the car without the hook being able to reach the lifting point yet. i'm going to go look at a lift at the local rental yard today and see if it's any longer. if not i'm going to buy a longer piece of square tubing and fabricate a longer boom for the hoist i'm using now.
i'm not in a rush. it'll come out when it comes out. this is my first Alfa so i'm having to learn everything (things i didn't know i needed to learn). it's been interesting!
thanks everyone for your replies.
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