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Originally Posted by markgberry View Post
has anyone had success pulling the engine and tranny with the hoist positioned from the side of the car?
Nope, I've never tried that.

The hoist needs to move away from the front of the car as the engine/trans snakes out of the tunnel. I'm not getting how your hoist would: a) move sideways or b) get past the front wheel. But without seeing your set-up, it is difficult to evaluate how it would work.

could i pull two of the valve cover studs and attach my tilt lift adapter to them to assist in tilting the engine? would the valve cover stud holes in the head hold the weight of the engine/tranny combo?
No, I wouldn't trust two 8 mm studs threaded into aluminum cam caps to support the weight of the engine/trans.

Not clear to me why you need a tilting lift adapter. Most people - myself included - just put the lifting hook on the second pair of head studs (that's one pair forward of where your's appears to be). This balance point lifts the engine/trans at the right angle to come out.

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