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Choosing LCs

Read the latest post on my Technical Questions or the Dynoed my 86 Spider thread today.

What others with cam designs totally different from any other doesn`t have any application to your engine.

What is your engine, induction lengths, use, cams installed, VVT or not, these are the factors that determine where to set cams.
As I posted Stock Alfa cams have excessive overlap at 102/102 if that`s what you have.

It`s X-mas -1 and I`m bored so here`s some info

Here`s the Best of Alfa`s production cams the 10548-01 and
Ed`s current cams in red Intake/exh

10548 03200 “ 01" (Cam Data .401 Max Lift 10.2 mm lobe lift
Cam Lift Dur. at “0” lash. Factory LCs 99.5/99.5)
Ed`s cams
.018 286 (off the seat/lash, Paired overlap at 99.5 LCs is 76
.020 278 degrees, & way too much! at 104/104 = 56 degrees
.040 240
.050 230
.100 211
.200 173
.300 118
.350 83
.400 10

Eds intake & Exhaust cams currently RjR575 int 785 exh and next exhaust cam he`s going to install. (The new exh is an extreme power builder.)
Lobe lift Int,.503(12.8mm) Exh,.461"(11.7mm) New exh.495"
Intake RjR 575-----------------Exh RjR785-----------Exh RjRprivate
,010-304-OTS duration/lash-------------------------------276
Overlap with cams set at 104LC each (add intake Overlap to Exhaust overlap for total overlap 105/105 LCs will reduce this overlap about 4 degrees total
27 degs.------------------------18.5 degs.-----------------26 degs.
Paired overlap-------------------45.5 degs.---------------- 53 degs.

Richard Jemison
RJR Racing

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