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Originally Posted by VeloceRosso View Post
Thank you Brian. I wasn't aware of the different versions.
There are actually a lot more versions than these plus many of them have revisions/supplements to each version. So much so it can make your head spin!

After some research, and without the benefit of knowing the publication numbers, it would appear that the yellow cover parts manual linked above stating a date of 1963 is too early and the blue cover version parts manual is too late. The most applicable parts manual that I found, in my opinion, would be publication number 1101 issued 12/65. This English language parts manual is specific to the Giulia TI (and sports a (faded) red title page BTW).

For a user manual (owner's, instruction, etc), one needs to be aware that, unlike today, a new manual was not issued with each new model year vehicle. In fact, there were no specific model years back then. There was a year of manufacture, a year first sold or a year first titled any one of which might be listed as the 'model year' on an official document. So the same user manual might be used for a number of years until either changes in the vehicle warranted a supplement to that user manual or, an entire new manual was issued.
Such is the case with a 1965 Giulia TI. The English language manual that most likely came with the vehicle was publication 959 dated 1/64. A supplement to this manual, #1191, was then issued in 7/66 while the next all new manual was issued in 10/66 under publication #1204.
Of course, Italian, German and French language equivalents of these manuals were published on differing dates.

Until you can find paper hardcopies of these manuals, I can supply you with digital versions. Just private message me your email address and I'll make it happen.


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