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Another year of Zagato driving has almost passed. I'll be moving the car to winter storage tomorrow - might try and take it out for a drive in February (down the coast to Big Sur or something) but for the time being it'll be getting some shade in a garage full of other vintage cars. Come March, my Z will probably be going to a shop for a few fixes to the hood and hatch. The finish on the hood cracked almost immediately as a I got the car home. It's going to require a bit of modification to prevent it from flexing and cracking again. Similarly, the hatch needs a bit of re-alignment to open property (it currently binds at the top) so I can install the locking arm that holds it open. Looking forward to getting this stuff done!

I recently had the front end aligned and discovered that the camber was way off. I've only driven it a bit since but I was a bit surprised how much the handling changed with that correction (for the better).

Anyone else getting out on the road with their cars?


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