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Piero Dusio (a.k.a. "Pietro Dusio")

"Pietro Dusio" owned 915011 and raced it during 1939. He sold it January 1940 and repurchased it three months later and owned it until 1943. At least, this is what the PRA record has recorded. The chassis 915011 appears 1947 on a listing of cars appropriated by German troops during WWII and the car was seemingly lost after that time.

While it is likely that 915026 had a frame number (number not known to my studies but almost certainly beginning "934xxx") as well as the chassis number stamping "915026", it is unlikely that the original 915026 also bore chassis "915036". It is possible that chassis 915036 was used to repair the car identified today as 915026? It has been stated in the past that Alfa Romeo reported that 915026 had its origins during 1941.

To my knowledge, there is no known history identified for chassis 915036. Please furnish some additional information.

Both 915026 and 915036 are likely to have had frame numbers with the form 934xxx. Generally, this number is stamped on top of the front cross-member (below the radiator) very near the center, and often on the front edge. It can be difficult or impossible to see if the car is fully assembled.

Once again, I am attaching a form that can be used to describe "what is" about any similar car existing today. 915026 and 915036 are close enough in numbering that I'll not say that the component mix can be identified definitively as belonging originally to either the one chassis number or the other, but we may have a chance to make some educated guesses once additional data is collected. It would be nice to learn as much as possible about any similar car!

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