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Originally Posted by divotandtralee View Post
Tough sledding there.. Most of us would rather not know what is going on down below the belt line unless there are clear issues externally like layers of bondo but even solid sheet metal on the outside can mask what is going on inside... We would be scared to death to find out. Seems like this would have showed up with a peek at the underside rockers and boxes? Hard to believe a 24000 mile car would have lived most of those miles in salt brine.
Really, I thought so to, but.....the rats/mice nested on the one side, so all aft and front-end solid, as are suspension components, rear pickups..trunk tyre well was affected as it stunk of mice urine and out go the carpets. But it runs well, in fact with the exception of some cowle shake it wasn't bad. so once apart a nice seam weld and I know what is under the paint (I guess)..

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