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Ok, SINCE this is now WAY off topic, here is MY OPINION. Now remember, opinions are like some other body parts in that everyone has one. This MUST be understood. The purpose of the BB is shared knowledge. This may be from experience, factory training, learning shortcuts, rumor, innuendo and outright un-truths. It is gathered and filtered by actual application of this "knowledge" by curious, technically oriented individuals to develop their O W N opinion. Sometimes MANY of these are either workable and correct to some degree, and will be used to develop DIFFERENT opinions. This is OK!
While some may be wrong or unworkable in a specific incidence other opinions may have better application.
Here is an example. Above, the non-working emission Webers have had a "minor" part swap, specifically BEARINGS. well and good IF the builder is adept at setting butterfly plates PERFECTLY, but not so good if plates, or throttle plate bore seals are WORN as is often the case with used or abused Webers.
Does ANYONE know if the Webers themselves are rebuilt correctly? I sure don't! So WHY are we talking about adding in another variable, IGNITION TIMING? While there lets do valve clearances, and timing and check compression and leak down. Lets check coil saturation and secondary wiring, and PLUGS!
JUST STOP! If it doesn't run, and the only variable addressed is the WEBERS, and it ran fine before the Weber work, the issue is probably..... thewebers!
If you want to start with an ignition BASELINE you start with factory static advance. That is NOT the way it will be set up when the Weber issue is resolved, it will be at AM as the other OPINION. If you have no idea how it is set, with bum Webers why mess with AM until the Weber issue is resolved?
Now to > MY < OPINION. There is no "my-way-or-no-way" here. There are M A N Y solutions, and we ALL know (or should know) that, and these are based on O P I N I O N S gathered from various individuals EXPERIENCES in different situations. Who is WRONG or RIGHT has little to do with the SOLUTION. In this case, we are not going to fix the Webers by shotgunning diagnostics at the whole engine!
Now, as usual, this is just-my-opinion from my OWN experiences, and everyone else here SHOULD have their own opinion, and with this shared BB knowledge, we can ALL learn something other than telling each other who is "wrong". I remain a master at being confused and incorrect, BUT this is still just MY opinion.

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