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Originally Posted by plasmid View Post
Before it started doing this, there was some hunting at idle, and some stumbling at idle when the fan kicked in, heater was on.

At that point I cleaned the ICV, throttle body, Oil Separator, VVT, and changed the plugs from Golden Lodge to NGK BP7's. The car felt much more responsive etc, but it started dying at idle.
when you cleaned the throttle body, did you notice if the butterfly was closed? photo shows a throttle body off the car and you only see the tiny gap because I shone a flashlight behind for the photo.
I can imagine if the butterfly is not almost closed it would cause all sorts of idling problems.

The throttle stop is factory set and capped off, but some PO mess with them when there is a problem elsewhere, like a bad ICV or bad TPS etc.

check the throttle stop is just in contact with the throttle mechanism and not so far screwed in it is keeping the butterfly open.
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