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Originally Posted by ossodiseppia View Post
Wolf Steel has been around for quite a while. Their panels are hand beaten over wooden patterns. .... If you can work with sheet metal, these are a good value for someone on a budget.
I have used Wolf Steel panels, though my bodyman did the installation. My sense is that ossodiseppia's comments are accurate: the Wolf panels definitely look like they were made in a simple sheet metal shop, not by a big factory with sophisticated tooling.

A few things in Wolf's defense:

- Some of their panels are a bargain (though some are priced comparable to more the sophisticated panels from Classic Alfa and others in Europe).

- If you live in North America and are cost-conscious, Wolf will be able to ship at a lower cost relative to the European suppliers. Factor that in when comparing prices.

- Wolf's parts are intended to be inserted into assembled cars, patching rusted-out areas. So sometimes their shape differs since they aren't duplicating the way the factory built these cars from scratch.

- Upon seeing a Wolf panel, my bodyman said "I could have fabricated a panel of this quality myself, but given the # of hours it would have taken me, the cost from Wolf was an OK deal".

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