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all the AFM numbers above look good to me!

by the by, has your car ever idled and ran well?

I was wondering if some PO was messing with the 2 wire Bosch plug to the ICV, maybe replacing a broken plug and mixed up the wires? I realise you cannot put it on upside down, but you could put the wrong wires into the plug.
Now I do not know what effect that would have (would it work opposite/backwards?)

on mine, if you peel back the ICV rubber boot the pin with the orange wire is on the left (faces back of car)
I know it should be numbered 1 & 2, but I didn't find any numbers on mine, unless they are underneath, and I didn't want to remove the whole thing.

just a wild shot.

don't forget (also) the code 1222 - "Output stage of ECU for Idle Speed actuator" - could also be a dodgy ECU.....

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