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Originally Posted by Spiderbill View Post
Sorry not a fan. Not a fan of cutting up a classic to make an EV. 18 kWh will give you a 40 mile range if you don’t keep your foot in it.

Good luck though.
Err... This build looks completely reversible.. the only cutting I’ve seen so far has been the timber for the battery box? The drive train (engine) can be put back in as far as I can tell.

Sorry, i’m a huge fan... the are millions of rusty spiders in the world. This one will live on for a while longer. That said, I’d be removing the floor and installing the batteries under there ala Tesla style to lower the centre of gravity. Indeed I’d ditch the whole drivetrain and either insert

1. an electric motor where the diff is, grafted into the original axle (some shortening may be required)
2. Stick in a Dedion transaxle from a 116 car, hack the gearbox off and replace with a motor.

Batteries into the drive shaft tunnel, floor and lower front “trunk” to re establish balance

All that is significant engineering though.. so a plywood box full of batteries and something that bolts on where the motor went is a good compromise

Jaguar have just done (and now offer) the same setup to officially retro mod the E-Type

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