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Great news!

I did this recently and have a couple of cautions on the bell housing seal. I read another thread on here and people cautioned about slicing the input shaft seal on the edge of the spline when you put the bell housing on. I took a wide packaging tape and put one wrap around the spline. I then smeared a couple of drops of gear oil on the tape. The seal glided over it with near zero drag and the tape came right off afterwards. Do not put tape beyond the spline because it will be obstructed by the tube covering the input shaft.

In that other thread somebody suggested filling the input shaft seal with grease to keep the spring in place. My thinking is that I would rather see what is going on so I did not do this. Sure enough, one side of the spring rode up on the inner lip of the seal but did not come completely out. I could easily flick it back down in place with a screwdriver. I would not have seen this if it had been covered with grease.

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