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@Peter A Indeed, though I am enjoying the discussion of Alfa of Tacoma (I believe my car was originally sold there? Or at least serviced there in it's early years). It doesn't seem to take too long to warm up - that hasn't changed for as long as I've had it. We ended up rebuilding the engine last year (it all started with an oil leak...) and, I think, all hoses were changed when the engine was put back into the car. Though I have to double check that. At this point, I think it might just be the thermostat (which was one of the few components not changed during the rebuild). I may just buy a new cap from Centerline and see if that makes any difference. Haven't noticed any cracks in the overflow tank, but then again even a tiny crack would do it.

Speaking of Mario and Eurotec, I may try to get to the NJ Driver's club open house (which is next door) this Saturday morning. Have you heard/been to it yet?
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