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@Gepetto. Seems pretty normal to me. My temp gauge moves around a lot in that range, especially in stop and go where there is not much airflow when the fans are off. With SPAL fans and new radiator working well seems like the system is cycling properly, and much faster than before the upgrade. Perhaps that is why you are noticing it more. With AC on I would expect it to remain steady as the fans run continuously.

That’s an upgrade I would like to do as currently I am using a pair of aftermarket fans that attach through the radiator. They move a ton of air and are very light but I don’t like using the radiator core as support and they are not fully shrouded. No issues with overheating the 3.0 even on super hot and humid days.

Did the SPAL fans give your AC more punch? I would like to do the the SPAL fans and upgrade the condenser ( read the posts on a modern “parallel flow’ unit).

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