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Temprature - is this normal?

Hey everyone, I thought I'd bounce this off you guys and get your perspective.

I recently installed new Spal fans for my '6, and they work wonderfully at cooling the engine. But, I've noticed that even while driving on the highway at cruising speeds (60-70), with A/C off, the temperature seems to creep up (to just about between the 175F and the 212F line), indicating an engine temp of around 190-195F-ish, and then will drop back to about 180F. And then without rhyme or reason, will climb up again, and then back down. It does this 50% of the time, the rest of the time it appears to just stay right around 175F-180F.

With A/C on, it consistently stays part way between 175F line and the 212F line to its right while cruising on the highway. Ironically, in stop and go with the fans on , it stays right around 175F.

In the past, on the highway, the coolant temp gauge was right at 175F-180F no matter what (regardless of temperature, A/C on, etc), and would only climb when in stop and go traffic, especially in the summer.

Is this normal? The radiator is new and was recently checked and has no leaks. Thermostat appears to work (otherwise I reckon the temperature would never drop...), and the fan thermo switch works as the fans come on around 190F, and shut off around 175F or thereabouts. I've been unable to detect any leaks of any kind either. I haven't checked or changed the reservoir cap, though.

Any thoughts?
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