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I am going to go out on a limb here and say it appears that your oil consumption is due to something other than your rings or valves. If that much oil was blowing past your rings you should see black or blue oil smoke out the exhaust. Does the exhaust smell like oil burning? That is normally one of the simplest tests when your burning that much oil.

I had a small issue with oil consumption on mine and getting a proper tune up made a huge difference. Mine is a 77 spica injected car that was running way to rich and leaving black plugs after just a few hundred miles. I took it to the Alfa guru in my area (Santa Barbara, CA). He tuned it and got it through smog. Since then my oil consumption has dropped by about half down to half a quart or less every 3000 miles or so.

To me it's one simple step at a time. Get it tuned, look for leaks (those would be big leaks), take a sniff of your exhaust. Make sure your dipstick fits correctly each time you measure it (I know that sounds dumb but I have seen people who don't seat the dip stick properly each time they measure it resulting in an incorrect reading). Make sure you are checking the oil on flat ground each time (seen that too). Do a proper compression test. Stand behind the car with it in neutral and have somebody run it up to 4000 rpm and back down a few times do you see anything coming out of the exhaust? If your running so rich that your plugs are black you should see and smell something coming out of the exhaust.

Good luck

Somebody mentioned engine break in. That is certainly a possibility if yours has been recently rebuilt. Rings and valves take time to seat.
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