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on the UK forum a guy posted his compression readings and thought he had a looming problem, I'll quote:
"Firstly can I say I'm a total novice mechanic.
I was concerned that my 1300 Super was hesitant below 2000 revs. I decided to run a compression test and the results were not good.
1: 107
2: 90
3: 110
4: 137
I have to admit that I didn't warm up the engine, did not touch the throttle during the test and the test was dry. is it worth re-testing..."

I told him his readings meant nothing and to retest 'HOT, WOT and all plugs out':

then he got (quote):

"I have a new set of compression results from a warm engine, throttle open . I'm pleased to say the numbers are completely different to cold engine throttle closed.
1) Dry: 195 Wet: 200
2) Dry: 195 Wet: 200
3) Dry: 190 Wet: 190
4) Dry: 195 Wet: 205 "

he was a pretty happy bunny and could now concentrate on the next problem

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