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If you're making master/booster kits for PF 2.8, put me down for a set too, please. While I don't have another one at the moment, I still have hopes.

As for the corrosion, you have my sympathies. The soft aluminium plugs wasting away is almost normal in cases of neglect, and is simple enough. The block is another story. My late partner in crime, Mike Space, had my old Aurelia convertible, B24S-1236, that the previous owner, in the sixties, had modified by Griswold Motors in Berkeley to take a Flaminia motor, after the original motor dropped a valve. As the PF motor in it was frozen, I had given it to a friend, and found an Aurelia motor for it that had been stuffed in a Lotus Seven by Max Balchowsky, of Old Yeller fame. It had been mistreated, as well as sand and bead blasted, without any real cleaning, and was a difficult project, so Mike sourced another Flam motor to just drop in and drive, but it turned out that block was breached similarly to yours.

Rather than a complicated welding project, he bolted/epoxied an aluminium plate over the offending area, and it lasted longer than he did. It was still tight after another two owners, the last of whom converted it back to the B24 motor I had acquired for it. Unfortunately, by that time I had come to the point of view that the Flaminia motor should have stayed; as it is the car has lost its history, and is now just another "restored" Aurelia Convertible. It was a good story.

I've looked for pictures of the patch job, but can't find them as yet, I'm afraid. Hopefully that is the only hole....

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