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Originally Posted by bmarler View Post
this coolant discussion has come up on other forums lately too. i have been wondering about switching to a g11 or g12 like vw uses. these are anti-phosphate, anti-amine, and anti-phosphorous coolants. it's been mentioned not to switch back and forth between coolants the contain silicates as there could be some reaction or releasing of a silicate affected layer within the engine.
the thought about the g11/g12 is from thinking about the way it seems to work so well with the aluminum components. i don't see any of the typical corrosion i've seen with the regular ethylene glycol based coolants.
i would think a thorough flushing of the system must be done before changing to prevent cross contamination of the coolants if it were decided to change.
does anyone have any experience using these types of coolants?
G12 (and maybe G11) are organic acid technology (OAT). It's fine for aluminum but is incompatible with the copper and brass components used in older cars.

With one car in which halting corrosion was a primary concern (Maserati A6), Evans waterless seemed to work well.

PS: Just investigated and realized that the Fuchs coolant installed by my shop is OAT. Need to look into this incompatibility issue.

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