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Originally Posted by Vivace View Post
This is similar to wooden boat "lofting" drawings - sections through the shape at spaced intervals.

Do you feel like you get any minor errors in tracing a line with a poly line? Just curious how much you have to blow it up to avoid errors.

This guy in Seattle, Adam Nonis, is a complete wizard at fabricating / molding / vac forming / shaping / altering / sewing / painting..... It's amazing. He built a cool Volvo 122 shell on top of a running BMW E30 chassis...just for fun.
That's really amazing, thanks for the link!

Really the accuracy of the body comes down to how accurate the drawings are and how closely I follow them.

The first issue is I don't know who made the drawings or when. They could be original drawings from the mid 60's that were used to make the first bodies, or they could have been made many years afterwards. I just don't know. That's why I'm the 1/10 scale model to be sure that the shape at least looks correct, before I make a full size buck and realize that it is wrong.

I know my tracing isn't perfect, and I'm still tweaking problem areas and making finer tracings. I zoom way in to get as close to the line as possible, but at that zoom level you're sort of aiming at the center of a few grey pixels to determine where the line really is. Even if it is off, its only off by probably one or two millimeters, which I don't think would be visible as long as it is smooth and even.
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