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Originally Posted by Vivace View Post
I'm interested in how you designed the body. The steps, the tools, the software, the model. How are you building the molds for the body?
I found a complete set of drawings on this forum, with all of the various profiles for side, top, front, and back. I then stitched them together and scaled them in AutoCAD (software by AutoDesk), and I traced each and every form by hand in that software (mostly using the polyline tool). To make the 1/10 scale model, I added slots to each form to accept each perpendicular form, scaled them down to 10% of full scale, and I laser cut the forms out of 3mm basswood.

The full scale body would use the same forms that I traced, but at full scale. I will need to cut them out by hand, or use a CNC machine to cut them from plywood, and it will be assembled in much the same way as the model. Once the full size buck is assembled, the gaps between the forms will be filled in with expanding foam. Then begins the long process of carving, sanding, and applying a tooling gel coat to act as the surface. Once that is sanded and perfectly smooth, I'll take a fiberglass mold which will become the actual molds for making the new carbon fiber parts.

That's the idea anyway. This is going to be a learning experience for sure.
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