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E-Fuel Pumps for Carbs

Hey there

I converted my car recently to an electric fuel pump (Facet Cube 7-10PSI) that I got cheap from "some guy" that used it for his webers on a Golf (Rabbit). Well ever since I mounted the pump i had problems. The car would overheat slightly especially when the weather was hot. I used the original fuel regulator that came with the car. I swapped the old regulator then for a slightly more modern one (
It ran fine at first but eventually my car started stalling or only running well at very high RPM. You guessed it: the carbs were floated. I tried turning down the regulator but it didn't help. I eventually got home thanks to the lambda probe which would let me turn on the pump when the carbs were leaning out ... not really a fun drive, but I was happy i fitted the probe.

I ultimately looked at my cube and stupid me finally realized that I bought the strongest version that pushed the said 7-10 PSI or Way too much

Long story short:

I know i need a "smaller" pump - and I get to chose between 1,5-4 PSI and 3-4,5 PSI from facet. What have others chosen here?

...and why do they cite a range instead of straight 4 PSI? Is because it can be regulated between those numbers?

Thanks a lot and bear with me.


Learning, learning..
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