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Originally Posted by 180OUT View Post
The macroscopic view is clearly evident: America in the immediate post-war years understood that nations damaged by the war would use tariffs as a way of shielding their recovering industries. This country was wealthy enough in the post-war years that the resulting trade imbalances, if not popular, could be understood and accommodated. Our trading partners became used to this structure, maintained it over decades, and now are "shocked-shocked" that Trump is advocating "fair-trade" relations which allow our goods to be sold in their markets at tariff rates that are similar to what we charge them for selling their goods in our market. . . .
Indeed. Glad the Marshall plan was around and there was some tariff leniency from us while Europe and Japan rebuilt (notably with modern technology that beat our industries and put them out of business). And like many a government helping hand program it turned into a bloated bureaucracy hammock with no sunset. The Bilderbergs just loved it. Some saw no real benefit like Mexico after NAFTA but then nothing would help them with their corruption, nepotism and other issues. The problem here is that the world has gotten accustomed to this American welfare in the trade/tariff disparity, $850 billion a year total from virtually every country. This as well as welfare in national defense: the WSJ had an article today showing how only 4 of some 30 NATO countries are putting their required 2% of GDP into NATO (not including Estonia at 2.08% but including mighty Germany 17th on the list at 1.24%) . Again taking advantage of our generosity. And then the UN. And then Foreign Aid. The list goes on and on. Across the board we are getting raped. Time to call unfair trade what it is and level the playing field. Level the field on NATO and the UN. And our import cars and car parts may get hit until it sorts out. Costs also get hit with $15/hr arbitrary wage deals. Bring more of the jobs home and let the market sort out a fair wage. I am seeing no great love for the US overseas anyway unless we are sending them our billions and those are no friends. Personally if it comes to that, I can afford a bit more tariff tax to provide many more Americans real jobs and not unemployment, welfare and SCHIP. Just my 2 cents.

PS: US at 3.57% and that is a big GDP and a big number. I suspect Estonia's contribution while important would not pay for one missile. Check out the WSJ article, 24 of 28 are not paying their fair share including some big names. Again letting Joe Schmoe US taxpeyer pay their way.
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