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Michael Smith
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Watch out for those rusted out jacking points. The front jacking points on my car are gonzo. Use the front subframe attachment points instead. Large surface area and bolted up to the bottom of the firewall, immensely strong.

Rear jacking points don't rust out quite so easily. If they do then there's bodywork lift points quite close which do not rust out. Or use the rear trailing arm mounting points, very robust. Or the central rear jacking point in front of the rear bumper where European shops without post lifts would jack up the rear of the car. Use a jack with adequate lift capacity if you use the centreline jacking points as you are lifting almost 50% of the car's weight.

Lifting at rusted out jacking points just crushes the rusted out metal making the damage worse.

1991 Alfa Romeo 164L 5 spd
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