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@Alfissimo Int. - It sounds like that may be my best route, saves me from making a custom pipe, and gives me that extra sound. Since I plan on having it as a fun family cruiser, I'm sure the wife and kids will appreciate it being muted somewhat. As for mileage and HP, I don't really care, I know real HP is gained in the motor (the one in my Golf is bored out, Wiesco pistons, Techtonics cam), and maybe I'll do that someday, but for now stock is good.

@Spitfire - Thanks much appreciated. Polished is good, but if that black is available even better, guess I will see when ready. Thanks for the heads up on the jack points, I will use them to get under the back, wasn't sure where I was gonna grab the car. I also have BendPak QuickJacks at home which makes it MUCH easier to work on the car, especially the exhaust. I built the whole race car on them.

@jc96 - Car love is car love. Even though its not a 6 cylinder its still an Alfa, and its yours and you take care of it. Very happy with this community so far, very welcoming. Guess you really need that when you have a car that can be tough to fix or find certain parts for.

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