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I'm the weird one here. For many reasons but mainly in that my 164 is a 4 cylinder model with roll up windows, no A/C and such. She lives with me here in Italy and we met by accident... in the lot where I work. Looked neat so I bought it for a song and it had a bad exhaust system. I put a CSC unit on it and am pleased with it tho the 4 banger can't equate to the sound of the 6 bangers!! Slowly over the years I've pretty much rebuilt the car and there is no where I wouldn't jump in her and go. I think when you get her home and figure out what it's about, you'll achieve a sense of direction. This BB is a great place to come to fret and such. Several of us have met at various places around the world and this is by far the best aspect of owning the car. Well that I I really enjoy chasing down NOS parts and such.

You sound excited and this is Great!!! Welcome to the fold. Cap'n Steve is in charge of the ship of fools. I'm with John - tho not sure what rust is - I understand it's something you need to look for on these cars. Ciao, Chris
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