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I went back Friday, 2 1/2 weeks after my first post, to check on any progress with my '71 GTV. The engine bay has been cleaned up a lot. We'll be checking in there to see if any seam welding may be needed.

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More than that, all the body parts that had been hung and were being positioned and fitted with screws have been welded up. The trunk door, when down, now matches and the spacing all around is even. The fitment on both doors is great.

Today I attended the San Marino Car Show and saw a Ferrari in Rosso Chiaro. Now I'm debating that color vs Alfa Romeo 501 Red, which I thought I'd settled on. I'd like to see them side by side.

That blue car seen in the back of the shop in the last two photos is a really nice Super that's nearly done.
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Andy Steben '71 1750 GTV (daily driver & track day car)
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