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Originally Posted by papajam View Post
As Gordon said, someone scribed a 104 mark on the exhaust cam cap. Factory stock for 1976 was 114/114 (114/102 for California Alfettas (source - 1976 Engine Management manual)). Can you post a picture of the intake cap?
Both the exhaust and the intake cam caps have the 104 marks on them. When I set the motor to TDC, the intake side lined up with the 104, and the exhaust side lined up with the regular marks (both caps have the marks). The cams are different too. the intake cam is a 10548032051 and the exhaust cam is, the first couple numbers are mushed, but it goes 200320000. Motor is in good shape, has Webers on it, is a bit lackadaisical below 2500 rpm, but then really gets going. The previous owner said motor had some modifications to it. It came with a Spica, so the Webers are a mod, it has after market headers on it as well, not sure what else he did.
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