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While I'm away, I've been reviewing relevant threads for my engine & trans reassembly and reinstall. I've encountered some contradictory information regarding the configuration of washers on the gearshift trunnion.

Here's the illustration from the shop manual:

As illustrated, we're viewing the trunnion from the rear. My disassembly photos showed the thick washer and wave washer on the left (driver's) side, with the thin washer on the right. (My shims are identical on both sides.) I've read other info on AlfaBB that says the wave and thin washers go on the right (passenger) side.

If I take the illustration at full faith, it almost looks as if the wave washer is alone on the right, and the thick and thin are on the left...but that is not sensible.

For the shape of the wave washer to have its desired effect, it should have a flat surface to act against; the face of the trunnion doesn't seem broad enough to fully interact with the wave washer. Also, the wave washer is thicker than the thin washer. If you put the thin washer next to the trunnion, it would seem subject to deformation by the wave washer.

It seems to me that the sequence should be, on the left side: support, wave washer, thick washer, trunnion; right side: support, thin washer, trunnion. This is how mine came apart, but I also cannot trust anything that was possibly touched by the PO.

This almost seems like the battle of wits to the death from 'The Princess Bride.' "I clearly cannot choose the wine in front of me!" "Aristotle? Socrates? ...morons!"

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