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Originally Posted by Shakey View Post
What is the secret to removing the pinion nut? I have fabricated the special tool, and it fits well. I've pressed out the dimples on each side of the shaft, but cannot get the nut to turn. I have the parking brake set, and both wheel chocked so they cannot turn. I'm putting so much force against the ratchet, that I'm concerned about damaging the clutches in the LSD.
Hi Kevin,

I used the Alfa special tool (shown in the first two photos) to lock the flange in place while I loosened the pinion nut with a breaker bar. I used it again during re-assembly.

Since I was only replacing the pinion seal, and didn't want to re-calibrate the pre-load of the pinion bearings, I marked the position of the pinion nut on the shaft before I removed it so that I could put it back exactly where it was. Then after getting it loosened, I counted the number of rotations it took for me to get it free from the shaft. During re-assembly, I rotated the pinion nut that same exact number of turns and re-staked the lock washer.

I also fabricated a seal install tool out of ABS pipe (last 3 photos) in order to carefully pound the new seal into the case without damaging it.

Keep in mind that gear oil can leak out through the splines on the pinion shaft, so you might want to consider adding some sealant on them before you re-install the flange and pinion nut.

Good luck,
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