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pull link off, not quite as simple as sonds because there is not one square surface on the whole thing. is definitely a case for brute force and ignorance.
having said that - could go either of 2 ways... the links slips right off the plastic outer shell leaving intact bushing on bar end. OR will tear off leaving a bloody stump on the bar end.
either way, probably a good idea to replace the end link bushings anyway. will have to drive them off the bar end - but of course, there is no way to get anything behind the bolt tube.... will have to peel off rubber and cut the steel tube w either a dremel or hacksaw. w hacksaw will have to follow a gentle spiral cut. in any case, should not have to cut all the way down through the tube, a partial cut and the tension will (should) release enough for you to push off.

NOTE BENE - if going w new rubber bushings - FIRSTLY (before take anything apart) mark relationship between end link and sway bar so goes back on in a position close to what it was. if not lined up properly, will have to twist the end links (and the bushing rubber) to get the links to go onto the lower control arm mounts. eliminating this keeps internal shear to a minimum.
if going w poly end link bushings, not a concern, can rotate to position easily w no harm done.
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