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Originally Posted by alfaparticle View Post
That shows how long I have been in Megasquirt mode

The advance curve is not controlled by the distributor but by the advance computer so you cannot change it. You can shift the whole curve by rotating the distributor. I don't remember what the max advance is but I can tell you that on a dyno my 3L motor with "S" pistons made max power at 34 degrees. A lower compression motor might need a shade more. You should not run into starting problems if you keep the static below about 12 degrees.
Good to know with the 34 degrees - thanks for divulging . I'm running 10.1 i.e. "S" pistons.

I guess adjusting springs 'inside the distributor' was referring to adjusting the springs in vacuum advance bit so that the signal to the ignition computer is altered.

Based on the ignition advance curve, looks like static advance would be 34-(12+/-2) = 10+/-4 degrees. Add in 12 degree static constraint and that's 10+2/-4 degrees. I'll do some acceleration runs and see what seems to stick

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