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Setting V6 ignition timing

I'm curious to read how folks on the AlfaBB set their ignition timing. 3.0L 10:1 Verde with C&B road medium cams, so a mildly upgraded engine.

The manual states that when installing a distributor, one should align the rotor with the marking on the distributor while the front cover indicator points to the crankshaft hub "F" marking. Then, for the 3.0L, the ignition advance is listed at 7 degrees +/- 1 degree BTDC. This should be conducted on warm engine, with vacuum advance hose unplugged (according to the book. I have also heard that it should instead be pinched with clamp), and the idle at 850RPM, which is adjustable on the intake manifold.

When checking with timing light, I dial in 7 degrees of advance, and check static timing as seen above by pointing light at hub. Should I base off of the "P" or "F" mark when setting static timing?

Any recommendations outside of this? I know that some folks deviate from the prescribed 7 degrees. I'm in the process of dialing in timing and would like to get some confirmation (or correction) on my process, as well as hear advice from others.


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