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Originally Posted by horsewidower View Post
Hey, a question for you guys, concerning shocks.

The car has Koni reds. Knowing the propensity of the immediate PO, I bet they are set full stiff, LOL.

I'm over my "boy racer" phase and am looking for a compliant but competent ride. Where would you suggest I set the shocks?

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Ideally, i would have the shocks tested. Reds are old, not available for many years, most are no longer in spec is my bet. Find a shock dyno and see what it tells you. The difference between a set of proper shocks and worn out ones on a chassis is massive.
Otherwise...set them all to full soft and do the bounce test! Bounce each corner of the car and see how it feels. Koni are only reboud adjustable so keep that in mind.
I might have a full set of NOS GTV6 shocks around...

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