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Thanks Gabor. Those clips bring back great memories, especially the sound of the Honda.
I watched the race at Hillberry corner, a 100 + mph sweep at the bottom of the mountain section. The MV came through as if it were on rails and the Honda has bouncing all over the place. Honda knew how to make powerful engines but they had no clue about handling at that time. On lap 5 Hailwood came storming along and a little later Agostini coasted through silently, his race was over.
I had to get back to the mainland quickly that year as I was in college and I had skipped a day shortly before my final exams and a guy with a Triumph Speed twin gave me a ride back to the ferry terminal.

The little 250 Ariel that I am riding in my Avatar lapped the TT course at 84 mph in the hands of the PO.

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