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MotoGP and F1

Velocess- I agree, and I really don't enjoy saying it, but for me Formula1 as a supposedly prominent international racing series over the last few years has been about as exciting as watching paint dry on the wall, maybe less. There are way too many other race series to watch where the rules are simpler, the objectives clearer, the relationship between pilot and machine more visible, the racing between competitors more intense, and overall just plainly more entertaining. This goes for the seasoned race spectator and the newcomer.
I concur with your example- MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3. Comparing their respective races at the same circuit, more actual exciting, entertaining racing goes on in one weekend of MotoGP than has been seen in an entire season of Formula 1 lately. I can hardly wait till F1 goes all-electric and they have to resort to some high-tech version of balloons or playing cards against the spokes to achieve some sort of aural entertainment.
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