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My Sprint GT was the 6th production one made and it came with US gauges. Don't know any more about the tach with no redline, except I've personally never seen another without it. The car came with no seat belts and no side mirrors. And, yes, the bumpers were chrome plated single piece, as I had to get one fixed after a drunk rolled his car into the rear. The car did have a Blaupunkt (Frankfurt?) radio in it but don't know when it was installed, since I bought the car slightly used from my mechanic Carlo who had brought the car into the country new from Genoa.

Of course, I have no idea where the car is now, being stored for many years by a fellow Boeing engineer who bought it from me in 75. I'm sure he sold it eventually to someone else, as he did with Braino's Junior Z we had brought in from Scotland for the fellow engineer.



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