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I must be in an argumentative mood this afternoon!

Originally Posted by Del View Post
If the tach has NO redline marked on it, as were the very first, then it would be extremely rare.
Not sure that is the case. My 105.02 Sprint GT was built fairly late in the run (it is #616147) and has no redline marked on the tach. My guess is that all 105.02's were delivered that way.

Originally Posted by Tom Frasca
Metric Gauges in Euro spec, no radio, option for the Nardi???? and the hood latch was a nonspring mechanical.
Agree that European cars came with metric gauges.

I'm skeptical that US-delivery cars arrived at the dock with radios. I would believe that US dealers were more aggressive about adding (and and charging for) radios.

By "the hood latch was a nonspring mechanical" do you mean the hood latch, or the hood prop? Early Sprints had a different prop than the later cars, but that wasn't a Europe - US thing.

Originally Posted by Grossato
And yes, bumpers are one piece stainless.
The one-piece bumpers found on 105.02's are made from chrome plated mild steel. Alfa switched to stainless steel bumpers with the 105.36 series. My guess is that stainless doesn't draw as deeply as mild steel, necessitating multiple pieces.

Originally Posted by Aggie57
Nice car by the way, really nice.
Now that I agree with!

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