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Quick update..

For whatever reason, when I first planned this Google maps showed the mileage as 1444 miles each way, but when I got in the car both the iPhone map app and the Garmin showed 1700 miles. So as strapped for time as I was, I just lost another 7-8 hours of sleep/time.

Left here Thursday AM, arrived late Friday. Spent about 4 hours on site Saturday AM. See attached picture, didn't even think to snap a pic until the car in the middle (Super) was loaded. Got the Super, one 1750 with transmission, one 2000 with transmission (those are heavy to move with only a dolly and no hoist!), one extra transmission, a couple of TS heads (one bolted to a block), a couple of V6 heads, one 5:12 rear end, and a bunch of various tools and parts. What's left is to ship the Verde and Berlina (had to swap wheels on the Berlina to something with air in them).

Left Austin around 12:30 ish, drove straight through to arrive back Sunday night. I'd have loved to have spent more time there and met up with some folks, it just wasn't in the cards.

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