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Anybody in Austin Texas?

Hey All,

Anybody in or near Austin Texas? I'm buying 3 Alfas there, along with a bunch of tools and parts. The problem is, I'm in California..

I'm going to be driving to Austin later this week, the plan is to load up the parts, tools, and one car, then make sure the other two cars roll so I can have them transported.

If anybody is in Austin, and wants a 'free' breakfast this coming Saturday, let me know. I'm hoping to arrive late Friday night, get everything sorted and loaded Saturday AM, then be on my way by noon ish.

I'm sure I could use a hand. There's also a chance that not everything will fit in my truck and trailer, in which case there will be some freebies. No promises, obviously, and since I don't have an inventory of what's there then I don't know what might be available. But you never know..

The cars are a Berlina, a Milano Verde, and a Super, the parts are most likely 105/115 stuff.

As a complete aside, Jim Tyson, if you're reading this, this is the same Verde I bought from you so many years ago in Austin and drove to Boston. Yes, it found it's way back to Austin again, now I'm buying it again and heading the other way!

If anybody is around and interested in helping out, email is best - bshorey at yahoo dot com.


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