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Originally Posted by Alfajay View Post
Wow, I have to admit that the rear coil spring does look broken - never seen that before! My guess is that this car spent a lot of time in a damp environment - not in California - and that corrosion killed the spring. I wouldn't drive it that way.

Brakes pulling to one side suggests a stuck caliper (or calipers).

The vague steering could be a lot of things, including a cracked steering box case. Steering is sort of important - again, I wouldn't drive it until this has been diagnosed and fixed.
Maybe it was just near the ocean? I just have no history on it though BHCC claimed it lived in California its entire life. Anyhow, almost doesn't matter. The other springs are ok, I dont see other broken bits and pieces but doing a full suspension rework is clearly necessary. As for steering box.. my hope it's just the ancient bushings so ill take that first.
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