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Originally Posted by Yousuf22 View Post
Nice GTV! Im sure you'll really enjoy it when its sorted.

Regarding the gearbox, i had the typical 2nd gear crunch, and rev matching aside i found using an additive called 'Slick 50' helped a fair bit. I took the car for a 20 mile run and the crunch became less and less prominent, especially when warmed up. It's not completely eradicated, but it is improved and when coupled with rev matching you can just forget about it. Of course, its not really recommended to use additives like this but since you'll probably need a rebuild sooner or later anyway you dont have much to lose.

Play in the steering is pretty common, the six tie rod ends can wear out and contribute. A worn out steering box can also be a culprit, a temporary solution is to experiment with removing shims on the Burman box or the adjustment screw on the ZF box, depending on which your car has installed. Low tyre pressures can also play a part, as well as alignment.

Hope you get on well with it!

Ah, so having common problems is a good thing, there tend to be solutions! It's the unique problems that are the real headache.. is this a sign of just age and wear or would changing fluids (even without additives) help?

From what little I have seen underneath, any rubber part I can see is very aged so that'll be the first thing to tackle before looking at the steering box I think
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