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Originally Posted by PSk View Post
I was just about to do exactly what you have done.
Re noticing this ... unfortunately during my cars restoration process I've now become er, vefy aware of the little details of these shells. But I will admit that I put down my morning cup of tea and went for a trip to my shed to have a look at the front of my 1750GTV before posting

I hate being bearer of bad news but our Alfista colleague needs to know so they can decide what to do about it, if anything. Note also the openings below the grill. I suspect she has had a significant hit in the front and the panel beater has used a considerable amount of filler during the fix and either was not an Alfa Romeo expert or did not have a car to compare against as the filling was done. Somewhere along the repair process the correct orientation of the side swage was lost.

But as we all know there is no need to despair as new front panels are available or heck some reshaping of the filler will make an improvement
44 year old cars tend to have their secrets eh? Well I'm glad you noticed! As you will see from the attached photo, it looks like the second pair of openings below the bumper is entirely missing. Not sure what I'll do about this, if it does not affect the car mechanically. I do need to see if there is other evidence of an impact and if it has been repaired properly.
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